Our Vision

How can people access the internet safely when there are so many cyber threats and criminal attacks are going on? We all need help from professional cybersecurity specialists who can help in eradicating online crime.

While we can’t prevent every attack on our data, we can depend on the skilled and well-trained group of cybersecurity professionals to combat these attacks.

At this point in time, NY1CSA plans to offer the best educational opportunities to young people in order to train them as expert cybersecurity professionals who can actively handle any type of security breach and cyber-attack. Our vision is clear: we want to create a strong awareness among people. How can we do that? The answer is: by training the future cybersecurity professionals!

NY1CSA’s Service Offerings

NY1CSA focus is on providing hands-on lab training so that individuals can learn faster, smoother, and better. Additionally, all types of training at NY1CSA are practical training so that these contribute to increasing the value of the academy.

In the US Marketplace, there is a huge demand for well-trained cybersecurity professionals with more than 1.8 Million job opportunities. NY1CSA is New York First Cybersecurity Academy which is offering 100% Job Security to all its students.

Do you want to become a pro cybersecurity specialist? Join us today! We will help you to develop a successful career in the cybersecurity domain! 

Our Mission

NY1CSA’s ultimate mission is to ensure the upcoming generation receives great opportunities to learn hands on cybersecurity skills. For this, proper availability of cybersecurity courses is a must! The training courses that we are offering cover almost all domains including web application security, network security, cyber forensics etc.

Our qualities are:

  • Basic and clear knowledge about cybersecurity.
  • Individualized consideration for every student.
  • Upgraded and front line information.
  • Every student is handheld and constantly advised all through the completion of training.

Our Assistance And Guidance

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