Prep Courses

Learn about networks, basics of security, server administration and MS (Advanced) with Prep courses from NY1CSA. The prep courses prepare individuals to become a PC technician, networking associate, network admin, and server admin. With All Hands on Live Lab training, students gain complete knowledge and practical experience.

IT Administrator (A+, Network+, Security+)

In order to become a successful IT professional, it’s a must for an IT Administrator to have (A+, Network+, Security+) Certifications and NY1CSA is the best option that you can choose for becoming a certified trainee. Get IT Adming istrator certification from NY1CSA and demonstrate your skillset and knowledge to potential employers. The A+, Network+, Security+ Certifications are the best that you can have to kick-start your IT career! At the end of the training, your concept on basic cyber security topics will be crystal clear!

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Network Administrator (CCNA)

At NY1CSA, gain in-depth knowledge on Networking through Hands on Training. This training course focuses on providing the trainees basic knowledge of networking. Network Administrator (CCNA) professionals have higher chances to get hired in networking job roles or network security job roles. It’s time to jumpstart your career as a Network Administrator by becoming a certified NY1CSA CCNA Network Administrator! Become 100% confident and fully efficient to handle different networking devices flawlessly!

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Server Administrator (Windows and Linux server)

At NY1CSA, we provide All Hands on Live Lab training to all aspiring to become professional server administrators. Through our training, you will learn to build, manage, and maintain production Linux/Windows Servers efficiently and effectively. Get trained through proper hands-on practical training and use the certification to find the perfect job for you. NY1CSA holds a 100% Job Success Rate and trainees at NY1CSA get perfect job opportunities at the end of their training!

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MS Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 

Take NY1CSA’s advanced level PowerShell Course and learn how to turn automation scripts and real-time management into reusable tools and PowerShell cmdlets. Learn the best practices for maintaining and managing tools of MS Advanced. Get started with PowerShell Scripting! Trainers are Industry Experts! At NY1CSA you can choose a stable career path to sustain in the industry after finishing up your training.  First, get an overview of PowerShell cmdlets and learn how to use them for real-time applications!

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