Cybersecurity Analyst Training

The cybersecurity Analyst training is for those who like to know and get in-depth knowledge of security analysis. With NY1CSA’s Hand on Training and 100% Job Successful Rate every individual will become a professional expert. The student will gain comprehensive knowledge about how to avoid and eliminate security problems with the complete analysis. Upon completion of the training as a CyberSecurity Analyst, the individual will be able to rescue business when breached and can help in the control and prevent cyber-attacks. Listed below are the courses available at NY1CSA that will make you a successful CyberSecurity Analyst,

Incident Handling (Analysis, Triage, Reporting, Notification)

As a cybersecurity expert, you should know how to effectively handle, detect, and mitigate different types of security incidents. Incident Handling (Analysis, Triage, Reporting, and Notification) Training at NY1CSA focuses on training the individual how he or she can handle security incidents professionally. Learn ins and outs of security incidence response and clear your concept on how incidents are managed.  Choose a stable career path to sustain in the industry  through becoming a certified NY1CSA trainee.

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools

At NY1CSA, Trainers are Industrial Experts get a great opportunity to do training on SIEM latest tools for providing a holistic view of IT security management. Through the training, experts will learn to collect security events in a hierarchical manner. From hosts to security equipment like antivirus, firewalls, or intrusion prevention systems, aspirants will learn how to perform flags anomalies and inspection. As NY1CSA maintains 100% Job Successful Rate, all Certified Trainers will have a perfect job opportunity at the end of the training program!

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End Point security and design

At NY1SCA, get complete All Hands on Live Lab cybersecurity training course on End Point Protection! At the end of this training, aspirants will move one step closer to become a professional cybersecurity specialist.

What you will learn?

  • Advanced level skill-set in securing devices like laptops and desktops
  • Training on latest and updated methods
  • Diverse methods and technologies of the end-point-protection software like execution prevention, application control, and machine learning
  • Antivirus and Malware
  • Finding and replacing hackers and malware
  • Disk encryption
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Intro to Ethical Hacking

NY1SCA is offering best-quality Hand on Training on ethical hacking which includes training to become a certified ethical hacker. If you want to become a well-paid security professional in future, then you should definitely do training on “Intro to Ethical Hacking”. But, for pursuing this training, you must have basic knowledge of Linux OS, Windows OS, and Networking.

What you will learn?

  • Introductory understanding on ethical hacking
  • Practical examples of different ethically hack systems
  • Scan the systems for vulnerabilities
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