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New York First Cyber Security Academy located in Midtown, Manhattan is the premier Information Security Computer and Networking training school in New York City

Our Vision

How can people access the internet safely when there are so many cyber threats and criminal attacks are going on? We all need help from professional cybersecurity specialists who can help in eradicating online crime.
While we can’t prevent every attack on our data, we can depend on the skilled and well-trained group of cybersecurity professionals to combat these attacks.

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NY1CSA’s Service Offerings

NY1CSA focus is on providing hands-on lab training so that individuals can learn faster, smoother, and better. Additionally, all types of training at NY1CSA are practical training so that these contribute to increasing the value of the academy.

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Our Mission

NY1CSA’s ultimate mission is to ensure the upcoming generation receives great opportunities to learn hands on cybersecurity skills. For this, proper availability of cybersecurity courses is a must! The training courses that we are offering cover almost all domains including web application security, network security, cyber forensics etc.

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Our Courses

We turn motivated people into the skilled, cybersecurity talent our employment partners want. New York First Cyber Security Academy courses combine theory and hands-on lab work for a real-world experience.

Prep Courses

Learn about networks, basics of security, server administration and MS (Advanced) with Prep courses from NY1CSA. The prep courses prepare individuals to become a PC technician, networking associate, network admin, and server admin. With All Hands on Live Lab training, students gain complete knowledge and practical experience.

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Cybersecurity Analyst Training

The cybersecurity Analyst training is for those who like to know and get in-depth knowledge of security analysis. With NY1CSA’s Hand on Training and 100% Job Successful Rate every individual will become a professional expert. The student will gain comprehensive knowledge about how to avoid and eliminate security problems with the complete analysis.

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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This 20-weeks training course is for those candidates who want to start their career as a security analyst, security admin or penetration testers from the basic entry-level itself. In this training, you receive all Hands on Live Lab training along with practical application, lectures, and experimental learning. Students will entertain themselves in project-based actives in this program which allows them to enhance their skills. This course allows the students to gain knowledge about the security mechanism in organizations where they know about exploiting, analyzing, monitoring, defending and responding to the vulnerabilities. Students in this course will have experimental learning as a part where they will be allowed to work in the real Security Operations center. To enhance your convenience we provide both full-time and part-time options for this 20-weeks training course.


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Our Skills

Learn how to exploit malicious vulnerabilities through all Hands on Live Lab training. As you are getting a big opportunity to learn in the labs instead of reading books manually, you can learn faster and improve your skills smoother.

Cyber security Analyst Training 100%
IT Administrator 90%
Core Engineering Training 75%
Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing55%

Cyber and Information Security

Data and machines carry boundless insight, and constant risk. Threats to critical processes — everything from a nation's electric grid, to your future self-driving car — have become real and present dangers. New reports of stolen consumer data happen daily.

New York First Cyber Security Academy attracts some of the world's top experts, government agencies, and corporate partners all vested in helping you to develop into a cybersecurity professional.


Cyber crime will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.


The world spends close to $85 billion a year protecting businesses, consumers, military interests and countries. Industry watchers expect the global cybersecurity market to reach $110billion by 2020.


Global military cyber security market s expected to be worth nearly US $10 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach almost US $14 billion by 2027.

Make yourself certification Ready

All professional Trainers are Industrial Experts in NY1CSA. Definitely, you are going to receive the best hands-on training from the best professionals. Learn better while understanding the real problem practically. Make yourself well-prepared for getting the certification. At NY1CSA, you will get different types of courses to choose from. You can enroll in any of the available programs, as per your desire!

Cybersecurity Challenges

It’s high time to join NY1SCA as a trainee and then become a valuable member of our cyber team and work with us. Choose us and we will give you opportunities to channelize your knowledge and skills in the proper direction.

Most common Cyber Security Challenges are
:Lack of In House Experts
:Lack of information for risk management strategies
:Multiple security threats on the rise

Career Outlook at NY1CSA:

As per the previous year’s statics, nearly 780,000 experts joined in multiple organizations as cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, there are more than 350,000 current job openings for different cybersecurity role positions. Hence, choose a stable career path to sustain in the industry and get professional Hand on Training from NY1CSA Experts! All Certified Trainers at NY1CSA maintain 100% Job Successful Rate. Grab the opportunity and land up with a job at the end of your training and certification course.


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